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Shows to bring the mosh to

May 9th: Back up plan, OUTBREAK, drugXtest, CRIME IN STEREO, legs up, final word, BLUE MONDAY, the distance, and one up @ Molly Blooms II, Amityville - dude, thats a lot of crucial bands on one bill. If you're from LI or NYC you BETTER be there.

May 14th: BANE, DEATH THREAT, KILL YOUR IDOLS, charge at some church in albany - I'm taking a road trip up to for this show and looking for company. Matt?

July 11th: AGNOSTIC FRONT at the downtown - Are you kidding? Get there or GET OUT!

July 25th: Hellfest - While you'll have to sit through an assload of shitty nu-metal bands and crap this is the last Shai Hulud performance so I expect all crucial tri-state bros to be there.
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